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My Malaysia Postcards
My name is Tom and my passion is collecting modern Malaysia postcards. I get most of them by swapping postcards (postcrossing) with friends in Malaysia. I hope this site will encourage everyone to visit this beautiful country ( I am especially fond of Sabah and Sarawak cards, as well as Brunei, but I like Peninsular Malaysia also. Here, I would like to share the beauty of Malaysia by showing some of my cards.

For all my postcrossing friends: First and foremost, a big thank you for your kindness and generosity. Without you, this wonderful project would not exist. If possible, I like new cards which I do not already have, as shown in the pages below. But please, each and every card is unique and special for me in terms of picture, stamps, message, etc, and so I am very happy to receive doubles of cards.

Sabah & Sarawak

Journey through Borneo

Natural History: Sabah

The Farmer's Brand



Scenes of Sarawak

Adventure Images

Classic photo


Labuan cards

art cards: Sabah

arts cards: Sarawak

Sabah Museum cards

other cards

Peninsular Malaysia (some series also include Sabah and Sarawak cards)



World Heritage



Yacine Art

Penang Street Art

POS Malaysia

Visit Malaysia


Batik art


Other Malaysia

Brunei I once spent a year in Brunei and love cards from this small country

Natural History (NH)

Hua Ho (HH)



other Brunei cards

Vintage cards.

vintage Sabah cards

vintage Sarawak cards

vintage peninsular Malaysia

vintage Brunei cards

Ecuador I am swapping with a friend in Ecuador and, wow, what a wonderful country

Ecuador scenes (1)

Ecuador scenes (2)


other Ecuador series

other Ecuador cards

Other countries




other cards: World